Fix-a-Form® AGROCHEMICAL leaflet label


No More Weeds

Makhro Agro, producers of a wide range of home, garden and agricultural products, approached Pyrotec PackMedia to come up with a device that would help them communicate all the product information on their No weeds container.  The brief was that the device had to contain the vast amount of information in the most presentable way possible.  The solution from Pyrotec PackMedia came in the form of a four-panelled single layer Fix-a-Form® leaflet label.  This device allowed for seamless and neat integration of all the product information on the space allocated on pack.

“We are very happy with the result!”, commends Wilmar Burger, partner for Makhro Agro SA.  The pack looks so much neater and even more importantly, all the information required has been included,” he concludes.