We supply a range of labelling systems to fit your specific labelling placement requirements.  

Self-adhesive Label Applicator AlStep

The ALStep is a compact-sized and low-cost applicator for self-adhesive labels which can be easily integrated into already existing packaging lines. The ALstep is based on a robust, reliable mechanical structure. It can be fitted into particularly restricted areas, thanks to the side access web threading allowing a fast, easy label changeover.

Main Benefits:

  • Adjustment of label dispensing speed.
  • Pre-dispensing adjustment.
    Labelling delay adjustment in millimetres.
  • Automatic recovery of missing labels.
  • Progressive counter.
  • End-of-roll alarm and web break alarm.
  • Contact for connection to other systems.


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Self-adhesive Label Applicator AlStep

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The ALStep can hold label rolls up to 300 mm diameter for a long operating time and is equipped with a separate control box with cooling fan which makes it possible to operate it in harsh industrial environments.

This system comes in both S and M versions, for label widths up to 100 and 200 mm respectively. Its maximum label dispensing speed is as high as 30 m/min. (20 m/min. in the M version) thanks to a microprocessor-controlled stepper motor enabling the operator to enter all Premium Labelling Solutions parameters by means of the display and function keys.

Additionally, the ALStep can be equipped with an array of optional devices to solve specific Premium Labelling Solutions problems, such as:

  • Hot foil printing unit.
  • Thermal transfer printing module.
  • Pneumatic and air-blow applicators.
  • Near-end-of-roll sensor.
  • Speed control via encoder.
  • Label tracing by thickness capacitive sensor

The ALStep is also available in the E (Economical) version for label widths up to 100 mm at a maximum speed of 15 m/min. It is ideal for the applications where cost reduction is a crucial requirement.

The control panel makes it possible to adjust the main functioning parameters (speed and pre-dispensing) by means of digital indicators (contraves), emitting an end-of-roll or web-break alarm signal.  A label sensor for transparent material is optionally available.