We supply a range of labelling systems to fit your specific labelling placement requirements.  

Self-adhesive Label Applicator ALritma

ALRitma consists of a range of high-performance applicators for self-adhesive labels, designed to be installed on packaging lines where production speed, accuracy and reliability are primary needs. ALRitma labelling units are based on an innovative mechanical structure which can match great sturdiness with versatility.

Main Benefits:

  • Label pre-dispensing adjustment.
  • Adjustment of label dispensing speed.
  • Labelling delay adjustment in 0.1 mm increments.
  • Storing of 40 different labelling formats.
  • Automatic recovery of missing labels
  • Progressive and regressive pieces counter with an automatic stopping device.
  • Automatic removal of double product detection
  • Shift register between product sensor and label positioning point.
  • End-of-roll alarm and web break alarm.
  • Output connection to other systems.


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Self-adhesive Label Applicator ALritma

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The applicator is controlled by a powerful microprocessor equipped with a touchscreen display visualising all the most frequently used parameters at once by means of function keys, which allow for the running of advanced functions by relieving the operator from complicated mechanical adjustments and considerably speeding up the format changeovers.

In addition to its sophisticated standard devices, ALRitma can be equipped with an array of ancillary devices

  • Thermal transfer overprinter.
  • Pneumatic and air-blow applicators.
  • Checking device for near end-of-reel.
  • Automatic speed matching via encoder with delay algorithm to maintain label placement position.