We supply a range of labelling systems to fit your specific labelling placement requirements.  

Self-adhesive Label Applicator ALritma XTRA

The ALRitma X is the new ALTECH model of labelling head, where X emphasises and highlights its exceptional performances of capacity, accuracy, speed and range.

The advanced version of the ALritma X is fitted with an HP (high-performance) kit made up of a motorised rewinder unit for the silicon paper as well as an innovative “push-pull” label web drive system. In this configuration the unit can reach 90 m/min at a cruising rate of 900 labels/min, with high positioning accuracy even when the product transit speed varies.

This version is particularly suited for huge workloads, such as on rotary labellers, especially in applications using printers/markers with their checking devices.


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Self-adhesive Label Applicator ALritma XTRA

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