We supply a range of labelling systems to fit your specific labelling placement requirements.  

MMHL - Metal Manual Hand Labeller

Pyrotec PackMark supplies manual hand labellers for even the smallest manufacturer at an affordable price.

The manual hand labeller labels the front and back labels of a product which ensures a professional appearance on any glass or plastic container.


  • Dimensions – 500 mm (w) x 700 mm (l) x 320 mm (h)
  • Approx Weight (excl bracket) – 6,7 kg
  • Maximum label roll (diameter): 200mm with a core diameter from 42mm – 76mm
  • Robust stainless steel housing


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MMHL - Metal Manual Hand Labeller

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This low maintenance machine is ideal for industries with small production runs, as no time is taken to position the label as with hand labelling.

The MMHL can handle wine bottles from 187 ml to 1.5 L.
It can also label various other containers such as securitainers, tubes and containers up to 2 L, depending on the application requirements.