We supply a range of labelling systems to fit your specific labelling placement requirements.  

Semi Automatic Labeller ALmatic

ALmatic is a semiautomatic applicator of self-adhesive labels for cylindrical products. Its easy functioning provides for the manual loads of the product in the labelling position by the operator who activates the control lever. So ALmatic provides to the rotation of the product and to the application of the label till a completely happened adhesion. Thanks to the ergonomics of the system and to the presence of templates of comparison ALmatic allows exact labelling, making easier the manual operations of the placing of the product. The speed of the label supply, 12 mt/min, allows effecting its application in a very short time.

ALmatic can apply labels to 200 mm width on products with variable diameter from a minimum of 25 mm to a maximum of 110 mm. The format change is made in a fast and intuitive way through some simple sliding levers with block pommels. The industrial structure of the system, characterised from an unwind unit of 280 mm diameter with a tensioning arm, a paper traction group and silicon rewinder, guarantee big reliability, continuous precision at the beginning, and the end of the roll and high autonomy.


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Semi Automatic Labeller ALmatic

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Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum products diameter: 110 mm
  • Minimum products diameter: 25 mm
  • Maximum products height: 350 mm
  • Maximum labels width: 200 mm
  • Maximum labels length: 350 mm
  • Application speed: 200 mm/sec
  • Labels roll: 280 mm
  • Power supply: 230V 50 Hz
  • Option: hot foil group, transparent label sensor