Premium Label Solutions as beautiful as the industry it represents
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Pyrotec PackMedia, September 2021: A sector that represents beauty must offer packaging that’s easy-on-the-eye while still offering substance that meets industry regulations and protects products from counterfeiting.

Fix-a-Form® International, locally represented by Pyrotec PackMedia, has a long-established history of supplying the right packaging and Premium Label Solutions for the cosmetics and toiletries sectors where products come in all shapes and sizes and often pose an additional challenge of containing obligatory regulatory information with practical, yet eye-catching packaging.

Pyrotec PackMedia’s renowned array of Fix-a-Form® booklet labels offer a versatile combination of a printed and folded booklet to accommodate extra information for product users. Suitable for a wide variety of purposes and available in custom finishes, shapes and sizes, Fix-a-Form® booklet labels provide the space for all obligatory information on the pack without having to change the design of the current packaging.

Supplied in a standard reel format, they can be tailored to suit different product needs and are applied using standard industry Premium Label Solutions equipment.

Fix-a-Form® booklet labels are specifically designed to meet the challenges of small or non-standard Premium Label Solutions requirements, and they offer the advantage of being a concertina-style pull-out information pack – occupying the same space as an original single panel label but can contain up to 32 pages of additional product information.  Materials are chosen to keep labels flexible, easy to apply, and fit-for-purpose for the item it’s applied to.

Another option is Pyrotec PackMedia’s Peel and Reveal label printing services. These labels are highly versatile as they are both water and chemical resistant as well as durable, providing more space for information that can be easily accessed time and time again. This makes them well suited to repeated reference information such as product instructions and safety advice.