Best Premium Label Solutions Options for Agrochemical Products
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Pyrotec PackMedia, August 2020: Pyrotec PackMedia’s Informational Fix-a-Form® booklet labels are an ideal solution for the agrochemical sector. This is because they contain extensive information within the confines of the space of a normal label, and brand owners appreciate that they can include variable on-pack data that ensures complete traceability, and that they are applied using standard Premium Label Solutions equipment.


Key highlights of these labels include:

Space: They provide ample space to convey all the information required by law on product packaging, specifically pertaining to the composition, potential side-effects, contraindications, and directions for use.

Ease of use: These labels are applied using standard labeling machinery, which means no additional equipment is needed. Fix-a-Form® booklet labels can also be resealable for repeated reference, making them convenient for users.

Waste reduction: Fix-a-Form® booklet labels remove the need for excessive packaging and outer cartons, which reduces costs and material waste.

Variety: The wide array of designs and formats available for these labels ensures that they will suit your product’s shape, style, and branding.

Multilingual: With the space afforded by these labels, user instructions, hazard warnings, and application guidelines can be presented in multiple languages, ensuring compliance and user safety while avoiding the need for separate labels for different language markets.

These key features enhance user experience and increase the chance of a repeat purchase. Fix-a-Form® booklet labels make it possible to include all the necessary information without compromising the packaging’s aesthetic appeal.

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