Service and Value: How Pyrotec Does It
Pyrotec Blog Mar 2021 For Web 1


Pyrotec, March 2021: What is value and how do you measure it? Do you know what your products and services are worth to your customers?


The ability to pinpoint the value of products and services for customers has never been more important than it is today. Customers, and especially those whose costs are driven by what they purchase, are looking for a good return on their investment.


But, with today’s competition as fierce as it is, they’re also looking for a return on investment relating to their service experience.


At Pyrotec, the company’s values underscore everything its people do. These include above-board business dealings, innovative production focus, and constantly questioning the status quo.


The team at Pyrotec knows that successful customer relationships are critical for sustained business success. Being close to customers enables Pyrotec’s staff to explore their specific needs and create opportunities to innovate and fill any potential voids.


Additionally, non-financial partnerships with suppliers – some spanning a number of decades – underline the value Pyrotec attaches to nurturing long-term relationships.


For customers whose costs are driven by what they purchase, Pyrotec PackMark offers a comprehensive range of labelling, coding, print and apply labeling equipment, and consumables through exclusive distribution partnerships with world-leading equipment manufacturers.


While procuring equipment is often the first step in a relationship between customers and suppliers, after-sales support and rapid response to breakdowns is what will bind relationships and create long-term trust and loyalty.


In March 2020, once again showing its value propositions for customers, Pyrotec PackMedia unveiled a first for the African continent with the groundbreaking purchase of an eight-colour Durst Tau 330 RSC digital label press and an ABG Digicon Series 3 digital finishing machine. This investment in state-of-the-art equipment shows Pyrotec’s continuing ability to identify niche markets and deliver the solutions its customers need.


Passion is another key factor relating to the quality of value and service customers receive from Pyrotec. The company’s ever-growing team is headed up by an executive management board that excels in myriad arenas and whose passion for the business is manifested in a highly satisfied customer base and motivated team with a low staff turnover.


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