Pyrotec PackLink Keeps Abreast of Global Trends
Pyrotec PackLink Animation


The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing our world and the way we do things. While predictions vary about the number of global devices expected to be connected to the internet (between 12 billion and 30 billion) by 2020, South Africa is making its own headway with a prediction of 35-million connected devices this year.

In developing countries, as disruptive innovation breaks the confines of old-school thinking, social and economic challenges can greatly benefit from the IoT.

In industry and manufacturing, the IoT is linked to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) and as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Pyrotec has long been known for its innovative ability to keep abreast of global trends and with IIoT firmly in its operational sights, Pyrotec has launched PackLink – customised software that provides a fully-integrated coding and Premium Label Solutions tracking system. Pyrotec PackLink assists customers to increase line visibility while improving efficiency by tracking waste, labour, and resources, and limiting downtime by enabling critical decisions to be made on the fly. In short, Pyrotec PackLink helps customers to achieve overall equipment efficiency.

Because Pyrotec PackLink’s software is customised and developed in-house by Pyrotec, customers can build onto the system as and when budgets allow, or business requirements dictate. This is ideal for SMEs that are focussed on growth. ‘We can begin with a simple integration/tracking system and expand on this as required,’ explains Shaun Pillay, Pyrotec PackMark’s General Manager Projects / Sales in Africa.

To remain competitive we must modernise, which entails updated thinking and technologies that better help us connect with customers, colleagues, suppliers and the entire supply chain. With the challenges that manufacturers now face – greater customer expectations, more sustainable business practices, ever-increasing regulations, and shorter times to market, to name but a few – industry needs to transform to remain competitive.

‘At Pyrotec we understand that our customers need to stay ahead of the technology curve to be competitive in terms of speed and volume. To do this, we offer the most cutting-edge machinery, software and on-pack devices available internationally to ensure our solutions provide the best return on investment now and into the future,’ Pillay concludes.