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PackMark Blog June 2022


Pyrotec PackMark May 2022: The ALPharma A is a premium labelling solution from ALTech, locally available from Pyrotec PackMark for the pharmaceutical sector.

The ALPharma range of labellers offers highly advanced features that are built to fully comply with the strict rules and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry. ALTech achieves this by designing pharmaceutical labelling machines according to the comprehensive standards set out by the Good Engineering Practices (GEP) standards, with particular attention to a range of specific needs.

The labellers’ core features include:

• Easy machine cleaning thanks to its smooth surfaces, limited crevices, and the high position of electrical parts and/or their protection against liquid spills.
• Ergonomic mechanical parts, easy format change, and repeatable settings.
• High-quality materials, including stainless steel (AISI 304 or 316).
• Integrated label printing devices for printing essential data (batch codes, lot codes and barcodes), by means of hot foil, thermal inkjet, or thermal transfer printing units.
• Integrated sensors that check for correct application and overprinting (to ensure it has been performed and is legible).
• Possible integration of a built in control system equipped with a touch screen interface that manages all the machine’s functions and its checking devices.

ALPharma models include:

ALPharma A – Premium Labelling Solutions for vials and small bottles. This machine operates from tray to tray in a starwheel at up to 150 products/min.

ALpharma B – Premium Labelling Solutions for shaped cases. This machine is ideal for barcode labels (tags, vignettes), and tamper-evident angle labels folded along the flaps. It operates at up to 200 products/min.

ALPharma C – Premium Labelling Solutions for cylindrical products. The ALline C is configured to apply wrap-around labels to cylindrical products, usually glass or metal jars and bottles Its compact base may be equipped with a side Premium Labelling Solutions head from the ALStep or ALRitma series. This labeller operates at 250 products/min.