Making Merchandising Count
PackMedia Blog Nov 2020 For Web


Pyrotec PackMedia, November 2020: In today’s highly visual retail environment, the way products are merchandised in-store has a big effect on sales.


Pyrotec PackMedia assists you to create custom merchandising solutions for marketing and selling your products.


Busy shoppers appreciate efforts to reduce their shopping time. Placing complementary products together in one aisle helps to decrease the time spent in the store. This also increases sales by promoting the purchase of both products.


Additionally, products that are well-packaged and visible on retail shelves have a better chance of being purchased. A quick, easy, and cost-effective way to ensure your products are visible is by using Hang Tabs and Display Strips from the Do-It® Corporation, locally represented by Pyrotec PackMedia.


The range of merchandising solutions from Do-It® increases product visibility by presenting packs vertically in a forward-facing position to increase consumers’ brand awareness and maximise merchandising display options. In this way, products can also be cross-merchandised or displayed in several different locations within the store. Another benefit is that by putting products where consumers can see them, impulse purchases, and overall sales increase.


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