Increase line visibility and improve efficiency
Pyrotec PackMark Increase line visibility and improve efficiency Feb22 optimised


Pyrotec PackMark, February 2022: Pyrotec has long been known for its innovative ability to keep abreast of global trends, including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). PackLink, the company’s customised software that provides a fully-integrated coding and Premium Label Solutions tracking system, assists customers to increase line visibility while improving efficiency by tracking waste, labour, and resources, and limiting downtime by enabling critical decisions to be made on the fly. In short, Pyrotec PackLink helps customers to achieve overall equipment efficiency.

Because Pyrotec PackLink’s software is customised and developed in-house by Pyrotec, customers can build onto the system as and when budgets allow or business requirements dictate.

Pyrotec PackLink works in four easy steps:

  • Identify: Link to a database or ERP to automatically retrieve product data and capture barcodes or dates.
  • Verify: Replace manual data entry with secured data entry and make decisions based on a set of rules.
  • Track and trace: A unique product code allows presence verification through every step of the process.
  • Overall equipment efficiency

Also available from Pyrotec is the CoLOS® suite of software from Markem-Imaje. CoLOS® allows manufacturers to integrate equipment networks throughout the production line into one central system. By standardising data input, human error is reduced. This saves time, improves production flow, and drastically reduces long-term costs.

CoLOS® consists of several software possibilities that meet every end-of-line production requirement.

These include options for packaging coding, message design, the management of complex labels and codes, and the ability to operate multiple printers from one platform. What’s more, CoLOS® provides real-time data about production processes by linking production plans to individual printers on a line. It also monitors the productivity and efficiency of each machine, and automates the selection of data for printing, reducing the need for human intervention. In turn, this reduces the risk of operator errors and provides accurate performance reports.

CoLOS® offers seamless integration for diverse industries and it supports all production control systems.

To remain competitive we must modernise, which entails updated thinking and technologies that better help us connect with customers, colleagues, suppliers, and the entire supply chain. With the challenges that manufacturers now face – greater customer expectations, more sustainable business practices, ever-increasing regulations, and shorter times to market, to name but a few – industry needs to transform to remain competitive.


At Pyrotec we understand that our customers need to stay ahead of the technology curve to be competitive in terms of speed and volume. To do this, we offer the most cutting-edge machinery, software and on-pack devices available internationally to ensure our solutions provide the best return on investment now and into the future.