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PackMark April Blog


Pyrotec PackMark, March 2020:
The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown in many countries around the globe has put enormous pressure on supply chains everywhere.

Very quickly after the coronavirus outbreak was revealed and the WHO declared it a global emergency, South African manufacturers began seeing the impact on their supply chains. As the devastating effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is being felt around the globe, manufacturers and distributors are struggling to produce, package and move components, ingredients and materials through their supply chains.

Pyrotec PackMark is a proudly South African brand that offers a comprehensive range of product identification solutions, including labelling, coding, print and apply labelling equipment, software, and consumables.

As a critical supplier to the food and pharmaceutical sectors, for Pyrotec PackMark it’s business as usual in very unusual circumstances. ‘We are operating as usual – both from home offices, where possible and from our factory – to support our customers to provide essential products to consumers,’ says Brandon Pearce, Pyrotec PackMark’s General Manager. ‘The health of our staff is extremely important to us, and we have implemented all necessary health measures to ensure their safety during this time,’ he adds.

Being able to identify, verify, track and trace products throughout the supply chain is always essential and never more so than during unprecedented and challenging manufacturing conditions.

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