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Agrochemical labelling that helps keep products safer


Agrochemical labelling that helps keep products safer

Pyrotec PackMedia, July 2022: Packaging for the agrochemical sector is crucial because fertilisers and pesticides are generally toxic. Advanced packaging, with excellent sealing abilities, help reduce the risk of accidental handling, storing, and transport damage. But how can the product’s label also help mitigate risks?

Agrochemical labels are governed by stringent legal requirements for product labelling because of their hazardous chemical compositions. It’s this information that ensures the product’s safe handling, storage, and usage.

However, with standard label solutions, the available space is normally too small for mandatory text such as dosage and storage instructions, contra-indications, and product descriptions to be clearly legible. The result is often information-cluttered primary packaging and a separate insert inside the product’s secondary pack.

Pyrotec PackMedia’s solution to this challenge is a multipage label that’s cost effective and provides an extended area for information within the space normally used by an adhesive label.

Multipage labels are permanently secured to the product’s packaging for its entire usable life. This means that the label can’t be lost or accidentally discarded, as can happen with a separate leaflet. Having clear, detailed, information – including text, charts, and diagrams – attached directly onto the container is ideal for protecting personnel and consumers.

These multipage labels can also include special characteristics such as moisture resistance, high durability, and the ability to withstand harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and a variety of storage conditions. These are important attributes given the tough environment the containers often withstand in the agrochemical sector.

Another added benefit is cost-cutting. Multipage labels can be designed to include extensive information in multiple languages while eliminating the need for separate labels for each language. They streamline production and simplify the management of inventories and distribution channels.

In a nutshell, the benefits of using multipage labels for agrochemical products include:

  • Clear, legible on-pack guidelines that encourage the correct use of products and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Reproduced information in multiple languages that significantly extends on-pack communication.
  • Doing away with separate packaging, leaflets, or labels, particularly for a wide product range, to reduce the cost of packaging waste and inventory costs.
  • Automatic application because multipage labels are supplied on-reel and can be applied using standard labelling machinery. This results in uninterrupted production lines.

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