Together, We Grow


  • Freedom - The right to express one’s views and opinions without censorship, restraint or retribution
  • Responsibility - Acting in a way for the benefit of all
  • Ethics - Moral principles that govern our behaviour
  • Sustainability – Embracing change in an unbalanced environment
  • Humble - Not proud or arrogant - modest although successful



  • To create a working environment that attracts talented, energetic and motivated personnel.
  • To create a company spirit which promotes self-improvement ideals in our employees for increased productivity.
  • To train and encourage employees to produce products and services of the highest quality for our customers.
  • To be scrupulously ethical in our dealings with suppliers, customers and employees.
  • To manage the company in such a way as to enable us to provide competitive remuneration to all employees.
  • To promote family values among all employees which enrich their lives and that of their families.