What is in-store marketing?


With the explosion of digital technology, there are more communication platforms than ever available to brand owners and their marketing teams, from email newsletters and pay-per-click advertising to social media marketing.

While all these platforms have their own unique value to add to an omni-channel marketing strategy, it can be easy to forget that there are some tried-and-tested marketing techniques that are still as effective as ever.

One of these is in-store marketing (also known as point of purchase marketing), which involves creating brand awareness or running a sales promotion at a retailer’s location – such as a supermarket, corner store or mall.

Typical in-store marketing tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Discount coupons attached to products
  • Free gifts and samples carried on-pack
  • Special offers advertised in aisles and on trolleys
  • Shelf wobblers
  • Live product demonstrations

Have you ever impulsively taken advantage of a “Buy One, Get One Free” promotion or bought a product due to a competition advertising on pack? If so, you’ll understand the value of running a marketing campaign in the retail environment.

The beauty of this marketing channel is that it gives brand owners an opportunity to engage with consumers while they are in the process of shopping. When they’re actively filling their baskets, or pushing a trolley down the aisles, these consumers may be more likely to go from browsing mode and into buying mode to take advantage of a product discount, competition or special offer that they read about then and there – even if they were not planning to buy that brand or type of item.

Essentially, the purpose of in-store advertising is to speak directly to consumers when they are engaged in the process of shopping. It’s a simple, yet often highly effective approach.

Platforms for your point of purchase campaign

  • Reward loyal customers with discount coupons or delight new prospects with a small on-pack gift or sample of a new product variant using an on-pack promotional device from the Pyrotec PackMedia ElastiTag®. This solution combines self-adhesive tags with stretchy elastomer loops that can carry messaging, sachets, packets or other lightweight items.
  • Pyrotec PackMedia’s range of Do-It® merchandising and display solutions include hang tabs, merchandising display strips, shelf wobblers, carry handles, promotional bottle neck tabs and other devices are designed to put your products into customers’ line of sight to boost impulse purchases and increase overall sales.
  • Do you have some exciting product news to share with your consumers? Would you like to inspire repeat purchase by sharing product recipes or serving suggestions, or include collectables (stickers or tattoos for example)? Or perhaps you’re planning to launch a competition with an entry form attached to your product? Fix-a-Form® promotional booklet labels from Pyrotec PackMedia are ideal for marketers who are faced with the challenge of having limited space on their packaging with lots of information to communicate.

Kick-start your marketing strategy with a point-of-purchase campaign. Contact Pyrotec PackMedia for ideas, advice and solutions that suit your unique business goals.