Case Study: UPL – Super-Sized Crop Protection
PackMedia Blog May


Pyrotec PackMedia, April 2020: UPL is a leading supplier to farms around the world. It has market access to 90% of the world’s food basket and is focused on helping growth and progress for the complete agricultural value chain including growers, distributors, suppliers, and innovation partners.

For one of its products, METPNOP 70, UPL produced 20 000 standard six-page Fix-a-Form® booklet labels that provide enough space for all the product’s relevant usage and safety information. Its resealable opening uses a patterned release varnish to allow easy opening and closure for repeated reference.

This huge (220mm x 210mm) Fix-a-Form® leaflet label has a printed base label and six pages of information. The label’s laminated cover protects the information from damage while in use.

UPL offers an integrated portfolio of both patented and post-patent agricultural solutions for various arable and specialty crops, including biological, crop protection, seed treatment, and post-harvest solutions covering the entire crop value chain.

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