Two ways to prevent production pitfalls
Two Ways to prevent


Pyrotec PackMark, February 2020: Production pitfalls
Mistakes and downtime happen in manufacturing – it’s inevitable. However, with proper preventative systems, software and planning, these can be minimised. But without them, downtime and mistakes can have significant consequences that slow productivity or even cause product recalls.

Two ways to prevent production pitfalls include:

Not investing in new equipment
When was the last time you upgraded your end-of-line packaging and Premium Label Solutions equipment? At Pyrotec PackMark, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of world-class coding equipment for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging and Premium Label Solutions requirements, which we support with a 24-hour call centre manned by our technicians. In the event of a breakdown, customers speak directly to a technician who, in most cases, is able to resolve the problem over the phone.

For customers with more than eight of Pyrotec PackMark’s machines installed, our dedicated On-Site Service (OSS) is ideal for ensuring maximum uptime from equipment. It’s also good for customers that don’t want to take ownership of the equipment’s operation and daily routine maintenance, or for those with high staff turnover rates that create an ongoing requirement for training.

A 12-month customised OSS contract ensures minimum downtime, rapid response should a breakdown occur, increased productivity, and efficient management of consumables. Services include general maintenance, start-up procedures, consumables management, and recording logs where possible.


Not investing in proper monitoring systems
Production downtime is a manufacturer’s worst nightmare because, if not corrected quickly, it can result in significant delivery delays, loss of sales and damage to the brand’s reputation.

A good production monitoring system, such as CoLOS® from Pyrotec PackMark, helps to minimise this risk.

CoLOS® provides real-time data about production processes by linking production plans to individual printers online. It also monitors the productivity and efficiency of each machine, and automates the selection of data for printing, reducing the need for human intervention. In turn, this reduces the risk of operator errors and provides accurate performance reports.


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