Tips for a clutter-free 2017


The Summer holidays are now a happy memory. New work projects and the kids’ busy routines can be quite a challenge to manage. It can feel at times as if you’re juggling a dozen supersonic balls.

Having a well-organised and clutter-free home, apart from being a new year’s goal for many, is essential for keeping a handle on things (and your sanity!)

Here are some tips to get this right:

  1. Declutter

Tidy one area at the time. For example, take out all of the clothes in the cupboard and put old clothes in a pile. Then put the clothes that still fit neatly back into the cupboard. Leave some space if possible. Put old clothes into a box to give away or sell. Then do the same for the toy shelves. And so on. Now aim for the ‘one in, one out’ rule!

  1. Keep everything in its place

Have designated ‘zones’ for kids’ belongings – such as a playroom or bedroom cupboard. Use baskets, labelled boxes or drawers for different items – for example, an ‘arts and crafts’ drawer. Make sure that children know where each thing’s ‘home’ is.

  1. Make time to tidy up each day

It is important for kids to play! But tidying, sorting and organising are really good life skills for children to learn. They teach children about consequences. If we tidy up, we have an ordered space, and clean work and play areas; and we can find our things. We can empower our children by teaching them these skills when they are young.

Spend time at the end of each afternoon encouraging children to tidy their toys into the appropriate places. Help them if necessary. Try to make it fun!  For the less enthusiastic, the Tower kids Weekly Planner  or Reward Charts are useful motivators.

  1. Encourage one activity at a time

Encourage children to pack away after one activity before starting another. Tower kids has a wide range of fun activities that stimulate creativity and hone fine motor skills. Keep your kids happily occupied with the Arts and Crafts, Little Scientist and Be a Designer products.

  1. Teach children to value their space

Looking after their space helps children to respect their environment; and the people with whom they share their environment. Tower kids has a Room Décor range that will motivate children to keep their rooms orderly and attractive. Little ones can use net storage bags to help tidy up after some bath time fun with the Tower kids Splash ‘n Learn products.

Spring-cleaning the home together is a fun way to gear up the whole family for a productive 2017!

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