The right coding equipment for the job


Coding, marking and Premium Label Solutions is essential to the supply chain of any FMCG product – from raw material to the end user.  At every stage of its life, coding, marking and Premium Label Solutions equipment and materials are used to identify, trace, ship and market the product.

It’s therefore essential that the equipment you install is fit for purpose and can withstand the production environment in which it needs to operate. The right equipment and after-sales service will ensure that downtime is minimised, product changeovers are fast and efficient, and that ease of use for operators is simple and straightforward.

Packaging is generally categorised by its function – primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.

Primary packaging

Primary packaging is the material that contains the product or comes into direct contact with the product. For this category, labels and codes are most often for marketing or regulatory purposes. They include traceability information, use by, best before date codes, barcodes, lot codes and serialisation numbers.

These codes or labels are typically applied using one of the following, depending on the packaging material, design, and speed of end-of-line requirements:

  • Label applicator
  • Continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer
  • Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ)
  • Thermal Transfer Overprint (TTO)
  • Thermal Transfer label printer

Secondary packaging

Holding a number or group of primary packages together is the secondary packaging.

This case requires labels and codes to be printed or applied directly onto the case. These usually showcase the manufacturer’s logo in graphic format, and may also need to include regulatory and distribution information.

Equipment for this coding and Premium Label Solutions step in the packaging process includes:

  • Print and apply label applicators
  • Piezo Ink Jet (PIJ) printers
  • Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) printers
  • Thermal Transfer label printers

Tertiary packaging

Tertiary packaging is the outermost carton and is used for bulk handling, warehousing, transport and shipping. The most common form is a palletised load for shipping.

Labels on these cartons primarily relate to storage, shipping and delivery information and are important for supply chain managers.

To code or mark these cartons, manufacturers will need:

  • Pallet label print and apply equipment
  • Thermal transfer label printers

Considering what you need

When deciding on new coding, marking or Premium Labelling Solutions equipment, consider where on your production line the Premium Labelling Solutions process will occur. There are many factors that affect the quality of the code or label application including temperatures variances, dusty or wet production areas, and the line’s speed, to name but a few. Pyrotec PackMark, a division of Pyrotec, provides a comprehensive portfolio of world-class coding equipment for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging requirements.

For assistance selecting the perfect machine for your requirements, contact Pyrotec PackMark today.