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South Africa contributes a large portion of its national budget to education and skills development. By investing in skills development, training and education – whether in the form of learnerships, apprenticeships, short courses, workplace training, or degrees or diplomas – individuals are better equipped to break the chains of poverty.

The country’s economic growth and development benefits from a more innovative and skilled workforces, while individuals achieve significant personal reward and recognition in terms of their own growth and development. Recipients of training and skills development are able to make more strategic decisions for themselves, they’re more creative, and they’re able to achieve greater levels of personal development and success.

Together, we grow

Pyrotec’s MD, Rowan Beattie, and his team are passionate about education. The company’s Skills Development Fund sponsors some 200 individuals (apprentices, interns and students studying degrees and diplomas) to continue their education and skills development. While Rowan explains that the majority are not employed at Pyrotec, ‘our reward is seeing so many young people, connected to Pyrotec in different ways, growing their knowledge and experience and moving up the business ladder’.

Lifelong learning

Rowan believes that life-long learning keeps Pyrotec innovative, and that education is vital to placing Africa on a path of sustainable growth and development. It’s education that is central to accelerating empowerment, eradicating poverty and ensuring Africa’s full integration into the global economy.

And for permanent staff within the Pyrotec family, Rowan also believes that ongoing training is vitally important for the business’s growth, as well as for continuing to set benchmarks in terms of service excellence, technological advancements, and delivering industry-leading equipment and products. ‘We promote a feeling of value for our staff and encourage personal growth and recognition as their skills develop. We believe that empowered staff have a good sense of self-worth and are also better placed to look after our customers’ needs,’ says Rowan.

Pyrotec’s undertaking

Pyrotec is governed by its mission, which percolates throughout the organisation and the activities of its staff:

  • To create a working environment that attracts talented, energetic and motivated personnel.
  • To create a company spirit that promotes self-improvement ideals in our employees for increased productivity.
  • To train and encourage employees to produce products and services of the highest quality for our customers.
  • To be scrupulously ethical in our dealings with suppliers, customers and employees.
  • To manage the company in such a way as to provide competitive remuneration to all employees.
  • To promote family values among all employees that enrich their lives and that of other families.

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