Speed to Market for Seasonal Labels
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Pyrotec PackMedia, April 2020:
For seasonal industries or those that are weather-dependent, such as in the agrochemicals sector, brand owners need to adapt their product labels quickly to take advantage of business opportunities. 

On-pack communication solutions that have fast design, print and delivery timeframes can help companies meet these short lead times. However, it’s also critical that the labelling solutions they select are good quality and able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, while also offering sufficient space for all the information that brand owners need to include on pack, and in multiple languages if necessary.

A Fix-a-Form® informational booklet label from Pyrotec PackMedia meets these needs. This innovative label – a booklet combined with an adhesive label – provides many pages of space for product owners to include mandatory and instructional product information in various formats – including images and text.

Another key feature for the agrochemical sector, where labels are used out in the field or in humid environments, is that Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels can be printed in high gloss or laminated. This helps to protect important label information from spills and other types of moisture.

Short runs, quick turnaround
With the recent investment of a Durst Tau 330 RSC high-speed label press, Pyrotec PackMedia can increase efficiencies, enhance product and service offerings, and deliver short print runs fast.

The Tau 330 RSC digital label press reduces turnaround times for short to medium print runs while offering the best print resolution (1200 x 1200dpi) and high print speed (80m/min) at full colour, as well as the most advanced printhead design in the market.

It prints on a variety of materials, including unsupported film, and offers tough ink resistance against high temperatures, scuffing and UV light rays.

Digitally printing Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels allows customers to speed up time to market and reduce wastage. With digital label printing, you can expect cost-effective custom labels with high-quality graphics, text and colours.

Easy to apply
Pyrotec PackMedia provides Fix-a-Form® booklet labels on the roll, making them easy to apply using standard labelling equipment. This means you can integrate these labelling solutions into your existing production lines quickly and with minimal disruption.


To find out how to adapt your on-pack communication quickly, visit www.pyrotec.co.za.