Smart promotions using smart labels
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August Newsletter 2019:
Smart labels are creating quite a buzz in the packaging sector, particularly because they offer brands tremendous scope to interact with consumers by using their products at retail.


What makes the labels ‘smart’ is a sophisticated little tag that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to store information and communicate with consumers.


What is NFC technology?

NFC is a wireless technology that’s embedded into most smartphones. It has an array of applications from mobile payments to NFC tags embedded into products, labels and promotional material. The beauty of these tags is that they interact with consumers’ smartphones using a radio signal. And, unlike Bluetooth, you don’t have to manually pair two NFC devices. They also use a fraction of the battery power used by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

These smart little tags store information, including short lines of text, such as a web address or contact details, and links to apps in the Google Play Store.


How can brands benefit from NFC technology?

For fast-moving consumer goods, these interactive tags provide brand owners with a platform to tell their story, share manufacturing and chain of custody information, and create direct links for consumer engagement by offering usage instructions, coupons, cross-selling initiatives and loyalty programmes, as well as product authentication. They provide a powerful promotional tool right at consumers’ fingertips.

An example of NFC-tagged labels being used in the pharmaceutical sector is for providing dosage and script refill information that can be tracked by medical insurers and doctors. They also deliver product authentication and patient safety information.


What are the benefits of NFC technology?

Because NFC tags contain unique identifiers by item, not just product type, their content can be targeted and dynamic.

Just a few of their benefits include:

  • Integrating into packaging without impacting a brand’s identity
  • Authentication in order to fight counterfeiting
  • Offering customised solutions including tracking of grey market diversions
  • Creating a direct link for brand owners to engage with consumers.


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