Printing on pipes, cables and tubes


Are you looking for a high-quality, high-performance printing solution to meet your marking and coding needs on pipes, cable, tubes and profiles? Do you also need equipment that is robust enough to withstand a demanding environment?

Overcoming common industry challenges

If you are struggling with poor code quality, ink transference challenges or extensive downtime because of coding equipment issues, it may be time to find a solution that is specifically designed for extrusion coding, producing reliable codes time after time.

At Pyrotec PackMark we have non-contact continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers supported by innovative consumables and technologies that are created specifically for the extrusion industry.

What do you need?

Whether you’re looking for a machine that operates independently or a solution that can be integrated into your existing infrastructure and seamlessly networked with the other equipment on your manufacturing lines, we can provide you with a product that suits your unique operating environment and business needs.

If you need to print codes, logos and other information on pipes, cable, tubes and profiles at high speed, we can give you with the ability to do just this, on a range of substrates including PE, PP, PA, PUR and halogen-free polymers.

Ready to find out more?

Contact Pyrotec PackMark now to find out how to can introduce more efficiency and consistency into your challenging extrusion coding environment.