Need a moisture resistant label?


Many of our clients need more from their product labels than standard Premium Label Solutions can offer them. Some clients require labels that can accommodate extra content due to all the mandatory information that must be included on-pack, often in multiple languages, to comply with the laws that govern their industries.

Others want to use their packaging as a platform for promotional content. These clients need labels that can accommodate competition information, product usage tips, and much more – and they need all this content to be clearly legible and remain with the product throughout the value chain, no matter the conditions.

At Pyrotec PackMedia, we can create the perfect Premium Label Solutions to suit these needs and more. Fix-Form® Booklet Labels are high-quality booklets combined with printed self-adhesive labels and secured neatly on-pack. These Premium Label Solutions are easy to apply using standard Premium Label Solutions machinery and come in any size to suit even the smallest packaging. They are also so versatile that they can be adapted to suit products that are transported and stored in damp, wet or harsh environmental conditions. 

Do you need a moisture-resistant label that can also accommodate extra content?

Perhaps your goods are stored on bathroom shelves, in the fridge or even shipped by sea freight and therefore need to withstand condensation damage, spills and wet weather. Our Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels can be produced to suit your specific requirements for varying levels of moisture resistance.

Pyrotec PackMedia develops moisture resistant Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels on a case-by-case basis, taking each client’s specific product environment, timeframe and budget into consideration.

For example, Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels can be produced to be completely waterproof, using synthetic materials that can be submerged in water without suffering damage or affecting the quality and legibility of your printed content. Or, you may need labels that can withstand moist environments, such as an open fridge. In this case, a varnish or seal could be applied to create a moisture barrier. No matter your level of water-resistance, there are no restrictions on content – so you can get the extra space you need, as well as the specialised protection.

Keen to find out more?

At Pyrotec PackMedia we have proudly been the exclusive Fix-a-Form® Licensee in South Africa, and all Africa south of the equator, since 1981. For more information on developing the perfect Premium Label Solutions for your business, contact us today.