What makes on-pack promotional campaigns successful?
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Pyrotec PackMedia, March 2019:

Strategically planned on-pack campaigns are powerful for boosting sales and yielding a good return on investment.

Specialising in innovative on-pack informational and promotional booklet labels, promotional devices and merchandising solutions, Pyrotec PackMedia offers some tips for planning an on-pack promotional campaign:


Clear campaign objectives

On-pack promotions range from encouraging purchase and boosting sales or brand loyalty to collecting customer information for CRM purposes or informing consumers about the brand. Knowing the campaign’s objective is the first step in determining the best roll-out methods.



A budget will determine the promotion’s reach, the number of packs involved, and the number of prize redemptions. It will also reveal how the campaign will run and the best on-pack device to use. For example, a scratch-and-win label is good for increasing sales and getting consumers to interact with your product.


Plan the campaign’s timing

A big component of a campaign’s success or failure lies in how well it has been timed. Besides considering a strategic calendar date, also think of production lead times.


Communicating the promotion on pack

Messaging – Communication must be clear, concise and relevant. It should also be targeted, informative and grab the consumer’s attention. Another crucial consideration is that the text should be legible and easy to read.

Design – You want a bold design that attracts consumers’ attention while complementing your product’s packaging. Think laterally to stand out from the competition.


Other considerations

Promotional prizes – This is the main incentive for consumers’ participation and should be desirable to your target market. It should also be compatible with your brand’s ethos.

Campaign support – The campaign should be supported by in-store elements such as pop-up banners, or perhaps an NFC tag that offers promotion instructions or prize information that consumers can access with a tap of their smartphones.

Legal requirements – Promotion dates and terms and conditions are a mandatory for on-pack promotions. A Fix-a-Form® booklet label provides the space to include the necessary text and direct consumers to a web page for more campaign information.



Don’t forget to conduct post-campaign analysis to determine what works for your product. You can also keep an eye on competitors’ campaigns to establish their strengths and weaknesses so that you can set your campaign apart.


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