The Premium Label Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry


In the pharmaceutical industry, on-pack communication is a complex issue. Not only must firms ensure that their brands and products are instantly recognisable, but they must also comply with Premium Label Solutions legislation, regulations and standards that require a significant amount of product details to be included clearly and legibly on the label or packaging.  

In this context, smaller packs with less Premium Label Solutions space available can be a real stumbling block. How do pharmaceutical product owners ensure that all the mandatory information such as dosage instructions, contra-indications and other important patient safety information fits neatly on the label or outer packaging?

Loose pamphlets inserted into the packaging are a way to convey more information, but these are easily misplaced and could put patients in danger if they suddenly can’t find the dosage instructions or contra-indications in an emergency.

One smart way to overcome restricted communication space is to use a Fix-a-Form® Booklet Label from Pyrotec PackMedia. These high-quality multi-page labels sit in place of your regular label, allowing you to drastically increase your communication space without negatively impacting the size, aesthetic appeal or functionality of your existing packaging.

With a Fix-a-Form® Booklet Label, you can include all the information you need – including text, diagrams and photos, as well as multiple languages if you want to extend the reach of your packaging across a range of markets.

Fix-a-Form® devices are compatible with any packaging material including glass, plastic, card and foil. They can also be custom-designed to fit securely onto containers of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, these labels are supplied on-reel for automatic application using standard label machinery – which means your production lines remain uninterrupted.

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