Investing in skills development


Pyrotec PackMark – an industry-leading brand within the privately-owned Pyrotec stable – offers a comprehensive range of Premium Label Solutions, coding, print and apply Premium Label Solutions equipment, and consumables.

Pyrotec’s operations are firmly rooted by its core values, at the heart of which are innovation, training and skills development.

Through its exclusive distribution partnerships in Southern Africa with Markem-Imaje, ALTech, and Harland Machine Systems, among others, Pyrotec PackMark expertly supplies a vast portfolio of world-class equipment to deliver value for customers.

One of the ways in which expertise is nurtured is through constant staff training and skills development. To do this, Pyrotec invests in various training activities that include on-the-job training and ensuring staff are exposed to new systems and technologies. Additional training for personal development is also provided in the form of attitude, diversity and presentation skills.

‘From a technical point of view, each year at least two of Pyrotec PackMark’s technicians receive the opportunity to attend training abroad at Markem-Imaje and ALTech’s facilities in Europe, depending on the equipment and new technologies being released,’ explains Pyrotec PackMark’s General Manager, Brandon Pearce.

‘This training ensures their expertise remains up to date with the latest technological advances in our fields, and equips them with the skills needed to provide input into the development of the department and add value to our businesses objectives. It also ensures service excellence, delivered by staff who feel empowered and have the skills and efficiency to assist customers to achieve their operational goals,’ Pearce points out.

‘Besides the training our staff receive at our principal’s premises, they also benefit from meeting other distributors and have the opportunity to share knowledge, best practice and experiences with their global counterparts,’ Pearce adds.

‘Staff training is of vital importance to ensure that our business grows and continues to set the industry benchmark in terms of service excellence, technological advancements, and delivering industry-leading equipment and products,’ he notes. ‘Also of great importance is that our staff continue to feel valued and that they achieve personal growth and recognition as their skills develop.’

It’s no secret that empowered staff are better placed to look after their customers’ needs. ‘We live in an ever-changing world and everyone needs to stay abreast of technology to ensure the company’s success and that of its customers,’ Pearce concludes.