Get the conversation going with QR codes


As the use of smartphones continues to increase so does the popularity of QR (quick response) codes. Now commonplace, QR codes can be seen on packaging labels, signage, and even television commercials.

While barcodes were traditionally a collection of vertical lines, these are now being superseded by 2D matrixes and QR codes that allow data to be stored in both directions, enabling vertical and horizontal scanning.

In today’s digital age, information is transferred freely and access to information is instantaneous. In terms of retail, the effects are far-reaching and have brand owners rethinking their marketing strategies. While a standard barcode might store up to 30 digits, a QR code can store many thousands of pieces of information that consumers can access using an app on their smartphones to upload information or link to web and social media sites.

Adding a QR code to a product’s packaging is an ideal way for brand owners and marketing managers to connect with their customers. ‘All our social media and marketing efforts are redundant if we cannot connect with the consumer at this critical point,’ maintains Timothy Beattie, Pyrotec PackMedia’s General Manager. ‘On-pack marketing efforts are a catalyst for starting a conversation with consumers and providing an opportunity for ongoing engagement,’ he notes.

Beattie adds that connecting with consumers at point of purchase through clever on-pack campaigns not only fuels engagement but enhances the consumer’s overall brand loyalty. ‘A promotion or competition is a good opportunity to kick-start the conversation and incentivises brand engagement.’

Once the conversation has begun, brands can then continue to communicate with consumers through value-added on-pack drivers such as discounts and coupons, or new campaigns based on information previously collected. ‘Devices such as Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® booklet labels are a practical way to relay these incentives because they provide vast amounts of space for additional information without compromising the packaging’s aesthetics,’ Beattie points out.

Through this engagement, brand owners can collect information to analyse purchasing patterns for their various target markets. ‘The collection of this data provides ample opportunity to connect with consumers and measure the results. It also provides a tested method of refining the conversation to match purchasing preferences,’ Beattie explains.

By using effective on-pack devices, campaigns can seamlessly integrate with online media to strengthen relationships and consumer loyalty and create a multi-dimensional marketing strategy,’ Beattie concludes.