A generation without labels
Pyro Jan 19 3


According to Vaughan Croeser, brand director for Castle Lager Africa, ‘the main barrier keeping people away from each other is the pervasiveness of labels and stereotypes, and the misconceptions we carry about other people’. To help fix this divide, Castle Lager Africa launched its thought-provoking and well-received #smashthelabel campaign.

While Castle Lager believes in a world without cultural prejudice or segregation, other less negatively perceived labels are also widely used to identify generations of people: Gen X, Millennials or Gen Y or, most recently, Gen Z or Centennials.

But just as the Castle Lager advert shows how people are far more than the label meant to define them, generational labels (or descriptors based on age) also lead to misinterpretation and misunderstanding. While there’s no doubt that Millennials, for example, have certainly changed the way we work, shop, and socialise, so too have the generations that have gone before them. Perhaps instead of focusing on how generations differ, we should look at how they can collaborate?

Established in 1966, Pyrotec has operated through Gen X, Gen Y and now into the Gen Z era. It has also seen the rise and fall of the economy, the turn-around of our country’s political position, the introduction and explosion of technology, and massive shifts in consumer expectations. ‘Through it all, we believe that we have remained steady in our approach to change and innovation by working together,’ Rowan Beattie, Pyrotec’s MD maintains.

It’s Pyrotec’s diverse personnel who drive the company’s success. ‘Our vision, “Together, We Grow”, percolates through all operational areas of the business, and our values – FRESH: Freedom, Responsible, Ethical, Sustainable and Humble – resonate with all our staff,’ Rowan adds.

As a Level 3 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment company, Pyrotec’s business ethos is steeped in equality. It is for this reason that the 160+ strong team, with a low staff turnover, is as culturally, socially and generationally diverse as it is skilled.

‘As customer and consumer sentiment has shifted over the generations, we’ve increased our investment in corporate social responsibility. We believe that education is vital for placing Africa on a path of sustainable growth and development, we take environmental concerns seriously, and we’re committed to a cleaner and greener future for South Africa and the world,’ Rowan points out.

With a long history steeped in family values, Pyrotec remains a privately-owned business. We value the strong relationships we’ve built over the last 50 years between our staff, suppliers and customers. We promote a feeling of value for our staff and encourage personal growth and recognition as their skills develop. We believe that empowered staff, operating in an environment without labels, are better placed to look after our customers’ needs.

Visit Pyrotec to see how its mission of ‘Together, We Grow’ works towards achieving a generation without labels.