The foundation for cosmetics confidence


Consumers not only hold brands accountable, they also expect brands to safeguard their supply chains and retail channels.

Nothing knocks consumer confidence in a cosmetics brand more than when a product does not do what it claims or if it is counterfeit. From perfumes and make-up to personal care products, no product is immune to attack from unscrupulous counterfeiters.

Using anti-counterfeit Premium Label Solutions added to its popular multi-page Fix-a-Form® booklet labels, Pyrotec PackMedia assists to protect the profits and brand integrity of genuine cosmetic manufacturers. Fix-a-Form® booklet labels also ensure that vital ingredients’ lists, usage details, contact details and use-by dates are neatly attached to the container or packaging.

Although they may resemble the genuine article, counterfeit cosmetics rarely provide the expected level of quality, efficacy or enjoyment. And, importantly, a product’s safety may well be compromised as legal regulations will not have been followed. This fact turns what should be a pleasurable purchase into a potentially risky one, especially for those with sensitive skin, and exposes manufacturers to adverse publicity, and even litigation.

As the sole distributor of Fix-a-Form® booklet labels in sub-Saharan Africa, Pyrotec PackMedia offers an array of anti-counterfeit and anti-tamper Premium Label Solutions options for cosmetics’ Premium Label Solutions that include deliberately incorporated print imperfections, the use of microtext (only legible through a magnifying glass), complex holograms and 2D matrix codes. In addition to these, a choice of specialist inks can also be applied to the labels. For example, inks that react to light or heat to make print features appear or disappear, or are reactive to a coin being rubbed over the surface to reveal key information.

Jacques Loubser, Pyrotec PackMedia’s national sales manager confirms: “Our overt and covert Premium Label Solutions give cosmetics’ manufacturers a real opportunity to raise their game against the fraudsters”.

Cosmetic products come in all shapes and sizes and often pose a packaging and Premium Label Solutions challenge of marrying together obligatory regulatory information with practical, yet eye-catching, packaging. Fix-a-Form® booklet labels, designed specifically to meet the challenges of small or non-standard Premium Label Solutions requirements, offer the advantage of being a concertina-style pull-out information pack that can be tailored to meet manufacturers’ requirements.

There is no losing with these labels – they are securely attached to either the product itself or its outer packaging. Not only do they allow a company to include up to 120 pages of product information, but also add to the aesthetics of the packaging by making it less cluttered,” Loubser adds.

All genuine cosmetics’ producers would benefit from being able to protect their market from counterfeiting. Pyrotec PackMedia believes its Fix-a-Form® booklet labels, combined with anti-counterfeiting Premium Label Solutions, offer the perfect foundation for manufacturers to protect their profits and brand integrity while ensuring maximum peace of mind for consumers.