E-cigarette manufacturers: is your Premium Label Solutions in line with global best practice?


In South Africa, there is currently no specific legislation that governs the Premium Label Solutions and marketing of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and other products in the wider vape industry.

However, as these products and the e-cigarette lifestyle grow in popularity, this legal situation could change – and businesses in the sector are advised to be prepared. Certainly, international policymakers are focusing more attention on the e-cigarette industry. There’s a possibility that local regulators could follow suit.

In the UK, for example, Packaging Digest reports that new vaping regulation around on-pack communication has come into effect. These new laws stipulate that detailed health and product information must be clearly displayed on all Premium Label Solutions.

This information includes:

  • Health warnings that electronic cigarettes contain nicotine
  • A comprehensive list of ingredients
  • A leaflet setting out instructions for use
  • Information on adverse effects, groups at risk, addictiveness and toxicity

While South Africa’s e-cigarette industry is still in its infancy, some predict that it will capture increased regulatory attention as the demand for vape products grows. To prepare for this possibility, local manufacturers and product owners could take a proactive approach and start looking at solutions for communicating comprehensive health and product information on their product packaging.

One approach is a Fix-a-Form® Booklet Label from Pyrotec PackMedia. These high-quality multi-page labels sit in place of your regular product label. No matter the shape or size of your packaging, this innovative solution allows you to significantly increase your communication space without negatively impacting the appearance or functionality of your existing packaging.

A Fix-a-Form® Booklet Label provides as many pages as you need for health warnings, ingredients lists, usage instructions and more – and there’s space for multiple languages, which optimises costs and extends the reach of your packaging.

With a Fix-a-Form® Booklet Label, all information is secured neatly on pack to be sure it reaches the end user safely (and remains legal and compliant, as and when such laws are passed). Loose pamphlets inserted into the packaging, on the other hand, run the risk of getting lost or being misplaced.

Fix-a-Form® technology is compatible with any packaging material including glass, plastic, card and foil. It can also be tailor-made to fit securely onto unusually shaped containers. Additionally, these labels are supplied on-reel for automatic application using standard Premium Label Solutions machinery.

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