Convenient coding: the hand-held printer


Coding and marking have come a long way since the concept of a machine-readable barcode was first patented in America in 1949. Innovation in this field has been fuelled by a growing demand for solutions that enable traceability through the entire value chain. It’s also been driven by a demand for coding technology that produces durable and legible codes, efficiently, on a variety of substrates.

One innovation that’s been most notable recently is the emergence of the hand-held inkjet printer. Pyrotec PackMark has added the Anser U2 Hand-Held Printer to its stable – bringing the world’s most lightweight and compact mobile printer to Southern Africa.

This unique inkjet printer is not only easy to use and transport, but also extremely versatile – and therefore suited to a broad range of industries. You can swiftly produce high-quality codes on almost any substrate, from PVC pipes and plastic bags to concrete and outer cartons, at any desired angle!

Why choose the Anser U2 Hand-Held Printer for your packaging line?

  • Ultra-portable
    This machine weighs in at only 1 kg and comes with a pocket-sized remote keypad. You can take it anywhere and code all those hard-to-reach surfaces.
  • Smart
    A large, full-colour LCD display makes it easy to operate, while an SD card design enables effortless software upgrades and data management.
  • High-performance
    This hand-held coder offers 600 dpi resolution for printing clear and precise codes, as well as new Inkfinity inks for exceptional quality prints on every surface.
  • Low-maintenance
    The plug-in-print ink cartridge design requires no maintenance, cutting your downtime costs.
  • Continuous printing
    Two high capacity rechargeable batteries offer 7 hours of continuous printing with more than 200 000 characters.

Keen to find out more? Contact Pyrotec PackMark for more information on our market-leading range of coding and Premium Label Solutions technology.