Catching the Eye of Consumers at Retail


Pyrotec PackMedia, July 2020: Kikkoman, which makes a range of soy and cooking sauces, teamed up with Joseph Joseph to give away 100 chopping board sets and 100 limited edition bottles of soy sauce.

This neck tag provides six pages of information that include details of how to enter the competition, a unique code to enter online, and advertising space for both Kikkoman and Joseph Joseph.

The promotion’s 500 000 folded (66 x 107mm) booklet labels were printed on 90gsm art paper and the base label is Fasson Dri-Peel. These manually applied promotional booklet labels, featuring a full-depth central die-cut, were manually applied.

The leaflet label is glued along four lines – at the top, across the middle of the bottle opening, along the bottom of the bottle opening, and 5mm from the bottom of the leaflet label – to attach the promotional booklet label to the eye-catching neck tag.

The booklet’s perforated opening hides a unique code for competition entry.

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