Buying on Impulse


Simply put, impulse buying is purchasing items on a whim, without planning to do so in advance.

Retailers have done countless hours of research into what makes a consumer impulse buy – it is a huge money maker, after all.

In this post, we will look at the four main reasons why we tend to impulse buy.

  1. We love to shop

There are many people who experience a lot of joy through buying something new. Sometimes purchasing something new can be liberating and can even become addictive. This results in purchasing new items without thinking, whether needed or not.

  1. We have limited time

With our busy schedules, when going to the store and seeing a product that we need or want, we tend not to compare prices between brands or stores and simply purchase the item and move on as quickly as possible.

  1. We hate losing out

Naturally, human beings try and make decisions that will keep them from feeling bad or regretting something in the future. The thought of losing out on a deal or discount can contribute to impulse buying with the realisation that the deal or discount will only last for so long.

  1. We love to “save” money

With the rising prices of basic products, it’s almost impossible for consumers to resist the urge to save money by buying in bulk or buying multiple sale items all at once; even if there isn’t an immediate need for them.

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