The benefits of serialised coding


Serialisation is the process of assigning each product or product component with a unique serial number or code. This makes it possible to trace these items as they move from the production and packaging floor through the supply chain and on to the end user. This unique identifier is printed onto these items using coding or marking equipment.

Serialised coding is a legal requirement in the pharmaceutical industry in several countries around the world, as it acts as an excellent anti-counterfeiting measure. Being able to track and trace each individual product and component along the entire supply chain makes it more difficult for counterfeiters to enter this chain and pass off their products as authentic.

There are many more reasons why manufacturers and product owners choose to implement serialisation. These include –

  • Better visibility:

This benefits everyone involved in the manufacturing, packaging, shipping, transporting, selling and buying the product. Serialisation numbers allow all stakeholders to see where the product (or raw material) is at any given point, to enable better planning and also to measure exactly how many products have been handled or delivered at each section of the supply chain.

  • Better managed recalls:

When product recalls do happen, serialisation makes it much easier for everyone involved to manage the process. As each product has a unique identifier, it is easier to locate these, pull them off the shelves and protect end users from products that may be unsafe for them to use or consume. Also, fewer untainted products need to be recalled as part of a larger batch, because serialisation makes it easier to identify which units have been compromised and which haven’t. This helps to minimise wastage and reduce the costs of a recall.

  • Better transparency:

Serialisation codes provide transparent information on where a product has been made and where it has travelled, which helps to verify and authenticate products – and ultimately, build consumer trust.

Sourcing the best coding and marking equipment

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