Agile on-pack communication


In an industry that is seasonal or where orders are weather-dependent, such as agrochemicals, brand owners often need to adapt their product labels quickly to take advantage of business opportunities on time.

Agile on-pack communication solutions that can be designed, produced and delivered swiftly, can help companies meet short lead times. However, it’s also critical that these Premium Label Solutions are high quality and that they provide sufficient space for all the information that brand owners need to include on pack, in multiple languages if necessary.

Here’s the solution

A Fix-a-Form® Informational Booklet Label from Pyrotec PackMedia meets these needs and more. This innovative Premium Label Solutions takes the form of a booklet that’s combined with an adhesive label, providing pages and pages of space for product owners to include mandatory and instructional product information in various formats – including images and text.

Easy to customise

We can tailor these labels to suit your unique needs, even if you need to include anti-counterfeiting measures such as unique printing techniques or holograms to safeguard your product authenticity and brand reputation.

Easy to apply

For your convenience, we provide Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels on the roll, making them easy to apply using standard Premium Label Solutions equipment. This means you can integrate these Premium Label Solutions into your existing production lines quickly and with minimal disruption.


Another key feature for products that are used out in the field or in humid environments, is that Fix-a-Form® Informational Booklet Labels can be printed in high gloss or laminated. This helps to protect your important label information from spills and other types of moisture.

Ready to find out more?

Do you need an agile Premium Label Solutions that allows you to adapt your on-pack communication quickly? Contact Pyrotec PackMedia today.