Five Premium Label Solutions trends for 2017


What will 2017 bring for the Premium Label Solutions and package printing industry? Here are five trends to research and explore.

 1.   Versions and variations

Experts predict that there will be a growing demand for pack and product personalisation and customisation in 2017. Many leading brands are making their labels and on-pack communication more personalised to create an emotional and meaningful connection with each consumer. Coca-Cola was one of the first brands to offer customised labels, giving each fan a chance to buy a Coke with his or her name on it. Marmite and Nutella have launched similar campaigns.

2.   Added shelf appeal

Companies that approach 2017 with a ‘labels as usual’ approach may find themselves playing catch-up as the world of on-pack communication possibilities grows at a swift pace. This year, visionary brands are expected to add more ‘wow factor’ to their labels and packaging. One way to achieve this is to include an on-pack communication device that adds extra dimension to your packaging – not only as additional space to expand your brand story, but also as a platform for exciting finishes such as glitter, foil and screen printing, a scent and possibly even smart technology that activates a mobile campaign or loyalty programme.

3.   More information

Consumers, with the internet at their fingertips, are a lot more educated today than they were in the past. In this environment, brands that offer their target markets more in-depth information could come across as more appealing. Whether your customers want to know exactly what you put into your products, where your products are made or how best to utilise them, you can now include all this information on your label with a multi-page booklet label.

4.   Sustainability

Waste reduction continues to be a key trend in the Premium Label Solutions and package printing industry during 2017. Brands are expected to make more effort to decrease the overall amount of packaging that they use. In addition to contributing less waste to landfill, firms can also cut costs and effort by optimising their packaging. This could involve using only labels instead of labels plus primary packaging, reducing the thickness and weight of glass and cardboard containers, and possibly even replacing loose inserts with innovative multi-page labels. Another way to decrease the amount of packaging materials that you use is to opt for an innovative merchandising solution such as a hang tab device, which allows you to display more in less space. You’ll also grab attention by hanging your product vertically and face-forward anywhere in the retail environment.

5.   De-globalisation

Brexit and the outcome of the US presidential elections have signalled a possible de-globalisation trend in 2017, where markets could become less international. This could affect those companies that ship their products to more than one country. One way to manage the associated risks is to print one multi-lingual label rather than produce multiple packaging designs for different markets

To remain competitive and profitable in this fast-evolving industry, it is important to ensure that you stay in touch with the trends and opportunities available to you. Contact Pyrotec PackMedia today for more information on leading-edge on-pack communication solutions.