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An unforgettable penthouse in London

The idea of a penthouse apartment was born in the 1920s, called “The Roaring Twenties”, when economic growth brought a construction boom to New York City, the heart of the American economy. The high demand for living in urban areas

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Concert arena in Ottawa

TD Place Arena, originally the Ottawa Civic Centre, is an indoor arena located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, seating 9,500. With temporary seating and standing room it can hold 10,585. Opened in December 1967, it is used primarily for sports, including

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Swisspearl Fiber Cement Roof Panels

Swisspearl the 5th façade has a special coating with opaque pigmentation which allows vibrant colors. It also provides an increased protection against weathering and UV radiation as well as a slightly textured surface. Leave the conventional behind and strike out

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Steve Jobs: Architect

Yet another treatise on Steve Jobs? 1 As an “architect” — really? And with Apple seemingly waning, aren’t we behind the curve on this? 2 Suffice it to say that my interest is not solely in Steven Paul Jobs himself,

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