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PackMedia Blog May 2022

Labels that weather the elements

Pyrotec PackMedia April 2022: Labels used for outdoor products must be able to weather the elements. If products are used outside or stored in places where they’re exposed to the elements, such as extreme temperatures or sunlight, the product’s label

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PackMedia Multipage booklet labels for automotive sector Mar223

Why booklet labels are ideal for automotive products

Pyrotec PackMedia March 2022: The automotive and autospares industry uses large quantities of consumables from oils and lubricants to hydraulic, cooling and screen-wash fluids, fuel additives, and numerous cleaning and detailing products. Clear, detailed instructions Because many of these products

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PackMedia October 2021 1024x512 1

Premium Label Solutions as beautiful as the industry it represents

Pyrotec PackMedia, September 2021: A sector that represents beauty must offer packaging that’s easy-on-the-eye while still offering substance that meets industry regulations and protects products from counterfeiting. Fix-a-Form® International, locally represented by Pyrotec PackMedia, has a long-established history of supplying

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One little label that can make big claims Web

One little label that can make big claims

Pyrotec PackMedia, July 2021: Agrochemical labels are governed by stringent legal requirements for product Premium Label Solutions. Because of their hazardous chemical compositions, this information ensures the product’s safe handling, storage, and usage. Increased legislation and consumer demand for information

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Save sales with Do-It Reinforcer Hang Tabs

Pyrotec, May 2021: Have you ever lost a sale because of torn headers or broken hang holes and consumers refusing to buy broken packaging? If you answered yes to this question, Pyrotec PackMedia offers the perfect solution. From our Do-It®

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Packaging that keeps abreast of global trends Web 2

Packaging that keeps abreast of global trends

Pyrotec, April 2021: In its long-term forecast analysis – The Future of Packaging: Long-Term Forecasts to 2028 – Smithers Pira outlines four key trends that reveal how the packaging industry is set to evolve. Let’s consider just one of Smithers

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