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Mainstay cropped

54 Flavours of Mainstay

Mainstay appointed Pyrotec PackMedia to bring to life their new premium vodka product range that pays tribute to the 1954 heritage of Mainstay. Mainstay wanted a convenient way to get their new product range mixability across to its consumers. This

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The ElastiTag® is available in different shapes and sizes. Special features such as tactile varnish, scratch off tape, variable data, hot foil stamping, scented varnish, UV varnish, biodegreadable and transparent ElastiTags® are also available. Usage Ideas: Great for brand identity,

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ElastiTote® – Sample Delivery Tool

The ElastiTote®  is the ultimate sample delivery tool! It can hang on your product or be used alone.  Carry a trial sample with a hang tag or attach a packet to a single tag with pressure sensitive adhesives.  Custom dies,

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ElastiTab® – Simple on-pack sampling tool

ElastiTab® is a versatile option for carrying sachets, packets, or other lightweight items.  The combination of a tab with pressure sensitive adhesive, and a stretchy elastomer loop – gives you an easy-to-apply device for on-pack promotions.  

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ElastiNote® – Writeable ElastiTag

The ElastiNote® is a one-piece band and tag with a writable surface.  The ElastiNote® is flexible and easy to use and is available in various tag sizes and loop shapes. It’s the perfect tool for inventory management, office supplies, product

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