On-Product Publishing™ – iLove


On-Product Publishing™ (OPP) integrates magazine publishing with Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Magazine on a Bottle™ is the first embodiment of this concept. By inserting an A7 consumer magazine into a food label and attaching it to a beverage bottle, MMC has created an entirely new communications channel.

In 2006 Modern Media Concepts launched iLove, the world’s first magazine on a bottle, and publicly announced OPP. Aimed at the young female market, iLove is distributed nationwide to grocery and P&C outlets retailers. iLove demonstrates how OPP works in just one application and has attracted worldwide interest.

iLove successfully merged two markets: magazine publishing and bottled water. Young women love glossy magazines. Over 2 million of them spend >$4.95 per week on magazines. Young women love 600ml bottled water. Over 4 million buy one at least every week. Bottled water is a $580 million market in Australia showing 20% growth in 2005, yet there is little point of difference. The success of the product demonstrated the readiness of consumer acceptance of media attached to an FMCG.

The “on the go” nature of the product ensure high visibility and the pocket size of the magazine is perfect for “call to action” advertising. A magazine on a bottle appeals to customers, offering something of value: pure spring water together with a publication packed with information, news, promotions and giveaways.

On-Product Publishing™ mixes magazines with consumer goods, creating a new media distribution vehicle and making it possible to run advertising or periodicals on virtually any FMCG.