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Fix-a-Form™ – The leaflet Option
“Regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical products can be a nightmare. Everything from Premium Label Solutions to product information, bar codes, batch codes and expiry dates must come together without complications,” says Nikki Holliday of Aspen Pharmacare.

Pyrotec’s Fix-a-Form™ leaflet/label combination is a winning formula for Mucaine Suspension Antacid. It takes the stomach-ache out of ordering two separate components, holding two disparate items in stock, dual issuing and receiving by stores and double stock counting. All of this whilst ensuring that the label, leaflet and product ‘marry up’.

Happy with the results of the Mucaine Fix-a-Form™, Nikki says: “After a few teething problems, which were quickly addressed by their technical personnel, Pyrotec’s Fix-a-Form™ really made a difference to our line speeds”.