What is a Fix-a-Form®?


What is a Fix-a-Form™?
Fix-a-Form™ combines a folded leaflet with a self-adhesive label. It offers the opportunity to fit more information onto limited product space.  Fix-a-Form™ leaflet-labels add value to your product by facilitating on-pack promotions (coupons, competitions, recipes, scratch and win, etc) as well as being able to include multi-languages, large usage instructions and product ingredients.

Fix-a-Forms™ are supplied on reel for automatic or hand application. They can be applied onto virtually any container or packaged product.

Fix-a-Form™ Leaflet Labels are printed and distributed in Southern Africa under licence by Pyrotec. For further information contact Pyrotec PackMedia on 021 787 9600 or email: sales@pyrotec.co.za