Nimue Skin Technology is a leading international Derma- cosmeceutical Skin Care range which is renowned for its pioneering innovations, world class formulations and exceptional ingredients used with scientifically proven delivery systems.

Globally recognised and distributed across the world, certain Nimue Skin Care products require labels with multiple languages on it to suite each customer, however, due to the amount of information, this takes up a huge amount of space on the product. Pyrotec PackMedia was able to assist them by adding a Fix-a-Form® Leaflet-Label to the desired Nimue Skin Care products. A Fix-a-Form® Leaflet-Label enables clients to add an unlimited amount of text, diagrams and photos onto the label without taking up additional space on the product.

The Fix-a-Form® Leaflet-Label is designed to perfectly fit each individual product and the information presented on the label is clear and spaced out evenly ensuring it is readable and understood. A label for each language doesn’t need to be printed and applied separately as multiple languages are printed onto one label, saving on design and printing costs. Information on the label can be changed easily at any point in time in case a client wishes to add information or reduce the amount of information. Reducing information will mean costs are lowered as you will reduce the amount of panels needed.