New labeller triples productivity


Machines, technology and improved techniques are all crucial factors in achieving productivity – the average measure of the efficiency of production.

As in all production operations, productivity is crucial for SC Johnson, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of global household brands including Pledge, Duck, Mr Muscle, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Glade, Raid, OFF!, Baygon and Ziploc.

When SC Johnson’s production team began experiencing downtime issues because of an old labeller that worked intermittently and ran at speeds of just 30 products per minute, the company’s Director, Zenele Sangweni, considered a refurbished machine and called Pyrotec PackMark.

‘We established that the cost of the refurbished machine that SC Johnson was considering would be similar in price to a new Harland Sirus Lite,’ explains Pyrotec PackMark’s General Manager, Brandon Pearce. Considering his options, Sangweni chose the Sirus Lite because of its proven ability to raise productivity, add up-time value, and increase speeds by three times that of their current labeller. Additionally, the Sirus Lite offers 99% Premium Label Solutions consistency.

SC Johnson uses the Harland Sirus Lite to apply front, back and wraparound labels onto high-density polyethylene bottles for its detergents.

Packed with the latest technology for increased production line benefits, Sirus label applicators are designed to meet the most stringent GMP requirements and address ‘Mean Time Between Failure’ and ‘Mean Time to Repair’ needs.

The incorporation of the latest control technology enables the Sirus Lite to handle a variety of product and label shapes, making it the most versatile, user-friendly, efficient and highly-accurate Premium Label Solutions system. Enhanced features include a motion control system for increased accuracy, an enhanced control system incorporating a single-touch user interface, increased cabinet space for upgrade flexibility, a fully-integrated inspection system to identify label and/or overprint presence, a modularised transmission system for optimum flexibility and reliability, and next-generation Harland Sirus features that include Tamper Evident (TE), Twin Side Belt (TSB), Top/Bottom and Vertical Roller Stabiliser (VSR) labellers.

‘Our customer is delighted with the application speeds achieved on the Sirus Lite. In a wet environment, front and back labels are applied at 120 labels per minute, while wraparound label application maintains an impressive speed of 80 labels per minute,’ Pearce concludes.