Messaris Brothers [Pyrotec]


Messaris Brothers, well known for their famous Bubbles, is a South African manufacturer of superior quality crisps and nuts. They select only the finest ingredients to deliver the best quality crisps and nuts to their customers.

Messaris peanuts (150g and 450g) are distributed to major supermarkets nationally. To merchandise these packs in-store, holes are punched at the top of the packs and hung from pegs in various isles. Varying peg thicknesses resulted in the holes tearing, making the packs impossible to merchandise using the pegs provided. This was a major concern for Messaris Brothers, who had to deal with many returns from supermarkets created by the torn packs. They needed to find a way to reduce these returns.

Kevin van Dyk, Marketing Manager of Messaris, was referred to Pyrotec PackMedia where he enquired about Pyrotec’s merchandising solution – Do-It® Hang Tabs. He liked the idea of the hang tab and opted for the Do-It R-05 Round Hole Hang Tab as it was best suited for smaller, lightweight products.

After the introduction of Do-It® Hang Tabs to their packs, Kevin noticed a considerable decrease in the number of returns of their peanuts from supermarkets, proving the effectiveness of Do-It® Hang Tabs. He has had no challenges with the hang tabs and is very happy with the product and service received from Pyrotec.

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