Makhro-Agro choose Fix-a-Form® to control weeds


Makhro-Agro required a leaflet label that would be able to house all the information required to appear on its Glyphogen product – a herbicide that controls perennial and annual weeds. The client decided to utilise Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® leaflet label as it would provide ample space to include the necessary usage instructions, pre-cautions and chemical composition of the product- all of which also needed to be duplicated in a second language!

Jaco Burger, the Logistics Manager of Makhro-Agro, confirms that he was very pleased with the results. “This label has been very effective. Not having to keep stock on additional leaflets has saved on unnecessary inventory and additional costs incurred during the production process. It’s a great way of supplying well-presented instructions to our customers while keeping costs in mind.”