Live Life Best with ProNutro


HG-80 approached Pyrotec PackMedia to make use of the Fix-a-Form® to educate consumers on the benefits of Pioneer Foods’ ProNutro; as well as to showcase the ProNutro product range.

Pioneer Foods wanted to offer their consumers a unique experience when sampling the ProNutro and at the same time communicate the benefits of ProNutro, and present the ProNutro product range. They faced the challenge of having limited space on their packaging with lots of information to communicate.

The solution – Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form®. The 5 panel Fix-a-Form® was designed to perfectly fit the tub with all the required information on one label. 300 000 units were printed and manually applied to each tub reaching quite a large amount of consumers.

The client was pleased with this unique combo and says that it was not only well received by the business and by the consumers as well!

If this unique combo is something you require for your brand, contact Pyrotec PackMedia today.